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Native Garden Design

Your yard will come alive with the addition of native plants! All of the designs are custom to you and your unique environment!

Garden Maintenance 

Take control of those pesky weeds and overgrown shrubs! We offer garden cleanup and maintenance! 

Houseplant Installation and Maintenance 

Make you indoor space come alive with the perfect houseplants for your home or business!


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Native Garden Installation 

We work closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and garden goals. Whether you desire a wildflower meadow, a tranquil woodland oasis, or a vibrant pollinator paradise, we'll create a plan tailored to your needs. Make your home or business come alive!

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Garden Maintenance 

We'll precisely remove unwanted weeds and trim overgrown plants to maintain the perfect shape and aesthetics of your garden beds. If you're looking to add new plants or relocate existing ones, we'll handle the planting and transplanting process with care and precision.

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Houseplant Installation & Maintenance 

Along with houseplant installation, we also offer our maintenance services. We'll regularly visit your space to water, prune, and clean your plants, ensuring they flourish and remain vibrant all year round. You can relax and enjoy your plants without the worry of upkeep.


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